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08/07/09 11:17 PM #224    

Mari Forsette (Hoban)

hey everyone there are "vintage" scranton central golden eagle t-shirts for sale @ "kevin's" in the steamtown mall. they sell for $20. they can even add things to them like year of grad. just thought i would put it out there for those interested.

09/11/09 10:26 AM #225    

Karen Jenkins (Fiorillo)

Hey all you out there,
Thanksgiving is approaching, anyone up for another informal gathering?? I know I am. Let's make some plans. What are your thoughts????

09/26/09 10:37 AM #226    

David Peregrim

Game! here's my entertainment recommendation if we have it anywhere - get the band Crossfire - they are outta this world.

11/24/09 01:35 PM #227    

Karen Jenkins (Fiorillo)

Saturday night 11/28 at Farleys

11/25/09 11:28 AM #228    

Michele Phillips

I hope I am able to go Saturday night; I am going to try. It would be so nice to see everyone again. Happy Thanksgiving!

11/27/09 10:54 PM #229    

Mark Davis

I cant begin to guess how many people i talked to this past year about last years reunion, and how i ended up going to it after running into Charlie Roguskie prior to, at the World Series(i never even new Charlie up til that point) and how awesome it was to be able to have it at our school that closed so many years ago, in a lunch room most of us never knew existed!
Seeing some people i havent seen in at least 20 years, and walking those halls of our youth again brought back so many memories from not just high school but all those that i had gone to JFK, South Scranton Intermediate with.
I definitely would love to do it again, unfortunately i will be in Florida this year for the Holidays...I am going to have to use the out of town excuse, because i wasnt sure if "..cant make it......I am still puking," excuse was already used by anyone this year. lol (Just kidding Dean.)
Have fun and enjoy fellow "Golden Eagles"

12/08/09 09:34 AM #230    

Dave Smith

DAMN YOU ZHU ZHU PETS!!!!!!!!!! Hey, anyone else losing their mind trying to find one of these electronic rodents for their kids?!?! At this point it may be cheaper to fly to China to get one :)

12/08/09 06:24 PM #231    

Kimberly Rillstone

Hi Dave,
Toys-r-us has advertised that they will have them either this week or next...they are also on ebay but they are selling for about $35.00 each Thank God my girls aren't even aware of them yet lol...they want laptops...the way I see it you got off lucky!

12/08/09 11:36 PM #232    

Julie Staniszewski (Toole)

Hey Dave,

Have you tried CVS? The one near me had them in stock as recently as last week.


12/09/09 04:37 PM #233    

Dave Smith

Hey Kim and Julie,
Thanks for the tips! I work right by a TRU and make a daily trip over there (and Target and Wal Mart), but no luck so far! I will definitely hit a couple of the CVS stores around here, what's a couple more stops along the route. I might as well be driving a bus at least I'd make a buck or two, LOL! I didn't even think of trying CVS though. I think I'd fall over if I went in and saw one! To this point I have only seen pics on the web of the little rascals.

12/10/09 05:31 AM #234    

Kimberly Rillstone

Update for those cute lil' critters.
Toys-R-Us just emailed me if you have their "REWARDS-R-US" cards and are one of the first 50 customers Dec. 10th, at 7am, "you can get the opportunity to purchase your childs very own Zhu Zhu pet"! You can sign up in the store and get their card on the spot. Good luck I hope you get one!

12/10/09 10:42 AM #235    

Julie Staniszewski (Toole)

I wouldn't have thought CVS carried them either (that could be why they still had a few last week). I stopped by the one near me this morning (I was going to grab one for you) but they are now out. They have only accessories left. BTW, the ones at my local store are kept behind the register. GOOD LUCK!

12/10/09 01:55 PM #236    

Dave Smith

Well, it looks like I missed them at TRU today. I just went over at lunch time and they had a bunch of the play set accessories, but no hamsters! I feel a little better cuz at least now I have actually seen some of the Zhu Zhu stuff in a store! I'll just move my hunting time to the morning. I read that TRU is supposedly slated to get a ton of them between now and Christmas, so hopefully it is just a matter of time before I stumble across one.

This is the first time I've had to hunt for a toy at the holidays...I don't think I like it! Bah Humbug!!

12/14/09 11:21 PM #237    

Mari Forsette (Hoban)

hey dave, sorry to hear you have been searching for the same item that i have. i do however have good news. go to amazon. com, they still have a decent selection of zhu zhu stuff and can deliver before christmas. good luck!

12/15/09 09:39 AM #238    

Dave Smith

Zhu Zhu Haiku

Zhu Zhus for Christmas

Driving all over to find!

Got ONE today, Full of CHEER!

Thanks for all your help! I walked into TRU this morning expecting to leave empty handed...again, but they had a table full of 'em! So I was able to get one (and then a kind co-worker ran over and got another one for me). According to the TRU employee, they are supposed to get them in daily between now and Christmas in case you know anyone out there searching for one. I'm glad I didn't cave and buy one from the classifieds/eBay for $50!!!

12/16/09 01:31 AM #239    

Kimberly Rillstone

Hey Dave, Glad you found your furry Nate and Natalie enjoy them!

12/16/09 06:45 AM #240    

Julie Staniszewski (Toole)

That's great, Dave. Good for you!

12/17/09 02:14 PM #241    

Susan Lesnefsky (Shiposh)

I too have braved the elements for Zhu Zhu's for my nieces. My son works at Toys R Us and any one who needs a Zhu Zhu be at the Scranton Toys R Us on Sunday AM at least a half an hour before they open. They put out all the hard to find stuff on Sunday AM. Don't be shocked at the strange cross-section of people you'll find in line...

12/18/09 09:33 AM #242    

Dave Smith

AHHHHH....Nothing like some good insider information! I might have to make one more trek since I need to get the main "hub" section playset. If not, they will just have to let the critters roam the house!
Thanks for the tip!

12/20/09 07:05 AM #243    

David Peregrim

DOnt even know what those zhu zhu pets are

12/23/09 09:52 AM #244    

Dave Smith

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!! Hope Santa is good to ya'!

P.S. Dave, you don't even wanna know! Your life is better without Zhu Zhu!

08/19/10 01:12 PM #245    

E. J. Long

Getting married in 48 hours

01/24/12 09:11 PM #246    

Mark Davis

Very sorry to hear about Chris Lane.  RIP, along with the others, from the class of '88, who previously  have is  way too early for any of them!

01/26/12 03:46 PM #247    

Maria Condella (Balcerzak)

So shocked to hear about the passing of Chris Lane. Taken too soon. In my thoughts and prayers.

11/21/18 11:04 AM #248    

Mark Pettinato

Hey mates,

Ten years since I've been here. Looking forward to the 30th reunion!

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